• Meet the iHealth Lite Wireless Scale

    Meet the iHealth Lite Wireless Scale

    Upgrade your bathroom scale with one that will help you reach your weight goals by tracking and providing trends from your mobile phone.

  • Introducing the iHealth Align

    Introducing the iHealth Align

    Meet the world's smallest mobile glucose meter

  • Blood pressure goes mobile

    Blood pressure goes mobile

    Monitoring your blood pressure has never been easier.
    Our family of FDA approved monitors helps you measure,
    track and share your readings using your mobile device.

  • Take the first step in staying healthy

    Take the first step in staying healthy

    Challenge yourself to step up your daily activity! Track your steps,
    distance traveled and calories burned each day with a monitor
    you can wear on your wrist or on your hip.

  • The next generation glucometer

    The next generation glucometer

    Gone are the days of writing down readings. This wireless
    glucometer automatically records your blood sugar results
    in the mobile app logbook and keeps tabs on your test strips for you.

A family of products to help you stay healthy

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for individuals of all ages to take a more active role in managing their health.

A family of products to help you stay healthy

Stay connected with your health

Whether you take a reading at home or on the road, your data always stays with you. Your health information is available anytime to view on your mobile device or computer. 

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What people are saying

"It's helping me understand my blood pressure"

— Matt D. - Sacramento, CA

I got the product because I found I was [prehypertensive] during an office visit. What makes this so useful for me is how easy it is to use. It literally takes me less than two minutes and I don't have to write the reading down anywhere.

"Easy for the whole family to use"

— John F. - Andover, MN

Any health product that can be used and tracked with a portable device or computer is extremely handy.  This [iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor] was relatively inexpensive and I can track multiple family members from the same device. 

"It makes medical tracking easy and interesting"

— Brian H. - Redwood City, CA

iHealth products make medical tracking easy and interesting. I was able to learn insights into what time of the day my blood pressure was highest, and how that made me feel.

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